Saturday, December 8, 2007


Back in October (while my family was was in Portland) I picked up a new brown corduroy jacket. I've had the same winter coat for 6-7 years now and I've needed a change. Got it on sale, and love it. Only at my birthday dinner in early November did I realize that my very good friend Jen had also purchased the same jacket. Not a huge surprise as we share taste in many things, but we both noted it to be a funny coincidence.

It gets better.

Approximately one week later I, being the faithful Tania-blog-reader that I am click over to her latest post. What's this? THE SAME JACKET? Now friends, we are close, but how all 3 of us managed to purchase the same jacket in the same color in the same month is something cosmic.

Here we all are sporting our new coats!

*Of course it'd be much better if we could be together at some point and take a group photo...miss ya Tan!


  1. i can't see the pictures... can you?

  2. aww, cool! now i can see it. i think we really do have a cosmic connection :) miss you too very much xo