Friday, July 4, 2008

Food, Family, and Fireworks on the Fourth

(pink pop-it?)

(yellorange smoke bomb)


We missed our town's 101st Fourth of July parade this afternoon. We had my family over for a late breakfast of scones, bacon & eggs, fruit and coffee. It was a lovely, warm, and lazy morning. After our guests made their way home we meandered down to our local grocery store parking lot to buy a few token smoke bombs, sparklers, and pop-it's (They're not illegal in our county). When we got home we let her open her pop-it's and D lit off her colorful smoke bombs. Then we pretty much futzed around at home. D's been in 'musicland' working on the new record so E and I were on our own to keep ourselves occupied in the backyard; I hung up a few loads of laundry to dry, E spent nearly and hour on the swing set, I pulled a few weeds, filled our bird feeders, gave her a few pointers on the fine art of photography, we laid in the grass and took pictures, then went over for a BBQ at the folks house. Asking kids E's age to stay up until 10pm when fireworks are really exciting is just too much (especially when a certain someone didn't get in a nap), but she had fun with the little stuff we did.


(roman candle - always remind me of Bottle Rocket)

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  1. happy 4th! we were just remembering when the dads shot off fireworks at the farm/castle. :)