Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I Spy July

Yesterday E and I were in the truck and she asked to take a picture of me from her seat. I handed her the camera and she snapped away. It hit me that it may be fun to do a short photo project for a month. I'm gonna hand her the camera once a day for her to take 1 shot, and I'll try and post them each evening for a month. I thought it may be a nice way to document July. Wanna Join Me?


  1. oooh I love it! I am wondering if I can get Simon to do this, he is a bit young but I will try it tomorrow and see how he does..at any rate count me in for some sort of July spying!!

  2. i like this idea, and am looking forward to seeing if el takes after her mom in her photography talents! perhaps i'll try to get the boys to participate here and there. we are down at my mom's this week.