Thursday, July 10, 2008

10 in 10 on 10 - July

One to the Other


  1. how are you done with this already? you must have been up early!!

  2. beautiful photos! I always look forward to viewing yours...

    the one with the bandaged finger is my favorite, although I hope the little one is all right :)

  3. what are those yummy candies in that last one?

  4. Jen - Started at 8...

    Casey - I watch my 7 1/2 old niece, just learning how to ear cheerio's and has us in constant bursts of laughter due to the random o stuck to her cheeks or hands...also a bit of an adventurer and found a sharp corner in her mom's kitchen.

    Jenny - Our good friend came to visit us again this summer from Toulouse, France. This time he brought with him these violet flavored candies, so beautiful but an acquired taste I'm learning.

  5. i see why I was drawn to father is from France ;)