Saturday, July 14, 2007

Weekend Consumers

This Saturday was filled with, well, shopping (all before noon, I might add). We started out the morning as usual down at our coffee shop for caffeine and treats, wandered around the Edmonds Farmer's Market and grabbed some amazing apricots. Then we were off to the mall. I had some weddings to buy for, um let's see, 4 in the next 6 weeks (3 on the same day right in the middle of our camping trip, 2 that I think we'll actually be able to pull off). Then over to Nordstrom to check out their selection of Crocs. I have been holding out for the last few years, but the mary janes, so cute. And I got E a matching pair. Now the Bazan's are fully outfitted in Crocs. Dave bought some earlier in the week, and E's been sporting a knock-off pair all summer but has practically worn a hole through the bottoms. I was originally complaining about spending $30 on shoes that she'll grow out of so quickly, but the anti-microbial and odor resistant material is enough to drop the cash on shoes she can get on and off by herself all summer long (and maybe next too).

Enough of the commercial.

After our quick mall excursion we called up the bike shop and found out E's bicycle was in. About a week ago we decided it was time for E to have a bike. We don't own one, but she's a whiz at the trike, and we decided to just bypass that, and go strait for the training wheels. D has turned into quite the bicycling enthusiast lately. He's logged tons of hours on the computer surfing between sites on internal hubs and whatnot, and this last week decided on one, and brought it home. Now he bikes to and from his studio that's about 12 miles away. Crazy I know. Anyhow what's so funny about E's bicycle choice is that she didn't want the classic pink or purple girly bike with the white tires, streamers and basket. She asked if they had a red one, the sales clerk gave her an approving nod and special ordered it for her. She's now got a matching helmet, red squeaky horn, and orange flag for the back. She's getting the hang of peddling, but at this point is more into punching at her horn or taking the flag off and waving it around...All in all, a good day.


  1. ella, you are a pro! way to go! looovve the new bike!

  2. oh!!!! she is too cute!!! and so good at peddling her new bike!!! these videos are precious!