Saturday, July 7, 2007

A French Guest

We have made many dear friends via D's line of work, and Josselin is one. He hails from Toulouse, France and we met him in 2003 on Pedro's first European tour as he was the promoter of the show in his home town. He kindly put us up in his quaint flat for a few days, and his personality endeared us to him. So much so that we have kept in contact over these last 4 years. We were so happy to reciprocate the hospitality last Spring when he and his girlfriend, Sophie came to stay with us for a week or so. I love taking visitors around my beloved city, and we made some great memories! They kindly gave E a pair of rubber rain boots with red cherries on them and we talk about Jos and Sophie every time she wears them:

me - "What do Sophie and Josselin say to you?"
E - "Bonjour E!"

Anyhow, we were pleased to once again get a visit from our dear friend this weekend. We hopefully afforded him some time to relax and spend with this relatively quiet family, as he was taking a break from his 1 1/2 month college exchange program at Berkley.

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