Monday, June 6, 2011

Strawberry Patch

I figured I'd give strawberries a break this year. Last year I invested in one of those terracotta pots with all the pockets for the plants, and while it was sorta productive I think that whatever vermin was nibbling on the ripe berries while my head was turned appreciated it more than I did...very frustrating! All that to say that today I ripped out a bit more of my yard to put in strawberry plants. My neighbor offered up as many Alpine Everbearing plants as I wanted, so I dug up like 20-25 (Many that I gave away to friends)! Here's to good berry eating this summer, if it ever warms up!


Ivy, supervising

I had to put up some fencing to discourage chicken nibbling! Papa came over to remove the gi-normous rock that we unearthed just in front of that small hydrangea I'll fill in with more plants soon. You can also see some of my sunflower seedlings there along the wood fence.

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  1. Exciting! I planted just a few strawberry plants given to me in our rock garden... we'll see what happens!