Thursday, June 30, 2011

Green Egg & Chicken Shoes

You guys, I finally got a beautiful bluish-greenish egg this morning from Ivy, one of my new Aracauna's!  And it was in the egg box, right next to Marigold's big brown beautiful egg (not playing favorites)! How these relatively dim birds figure out where I want them to deposit their precious egg is beyond me. It is so perfect; and the only real reason I got new chicks this year!


... and it was a double-yolker to boot! Don't you love how the shell is seafoamy green, even on the inside?  So happy!

Also finally invested in some proper coop shoes. I've been ruining my clogs and flip-flops out there and needed some designated 'chicken shoes.'


  1. Wonderful, Ann!
    Those are beautiful.

  2. So beautiful! Oliver asked if the double yolk egg would have made twin chicks had it been fertilized?

  3. Hi Oliver! Well, the answer is yes. Technically both yolks could form into embryos, but because a human's belly is soft and can stretch and an eggshell is hard and cannot stretch there's not enough room for either of the chicks to grow past day 10 or so and both unfortunately die. But the good news here is that we have no rooster and no baby chicks will be injured. It will be interesting to see if the particular chicken who layed it (Ivy, the white one) will consistently lay doubles or not...good question Oliver, miss you!

  4. Now I want an Easter Egger! Thanks for you comment on my rooster post...we'd be happy to help you enjoy your chickens for dinner (not just breakfast) one of these days...I was surprised at how easy and peaceful the whole process was...and honestly, Wes is a much better chicken eater after the whole thing- who knew?

    And we had a bird that laid double yolk eggs off and on for the first 6 weeks or so but now she's down to just singles...I guess it's not uncommon.

    Chicken farming is pretty awesome, except for the fact that ours keep escaping our backyard and eating our neighbors garden.