Saturday, June 11, 2011


N has been pretty steadfast against using the potty...I know it's usually harder with boys and I really haven't been stressing about it. But I figured I'd at least give the potty chair route a go. I am totally grossed out by them, but he's deathly afraid of the potty ring on the big pot, so I think I'll at least try it for a while. I did a bit of research and Baby Bjorn has never disappointed me before so we went with the blue throne for his birthday and threw in a little far so good. He's delighted to throw off his diaper and sit when his big sis is.

Highly recommended items:


  1. Sittin' is the next big step for us, too. (or #2).
    And those Leslie Patricelli books are so well done.
    I will have to get the Potty title. We also love "Baby Happy, Baby Sad".

  2. Love Leslie P books but didn't know about the potty one! Will have to pick up a copy... O is going #1 pretty regularly in the potty but not #2.

  3. Also gave him 'Higher Higher' by cute.

  4. How (*&%ing cute is that picture of the two of them. We love the Leslie P books and all because of Tania! She gave two to Lolly and they're the cutest.