Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day, Day

Me and my dad

I had the pleasure of inviting my family over for a Father's Day dinner. Albeit, my husband wasn't there, my sister's family had plans, and my brother (father of 2 girlies) was in New Jersey for his initial Coast Gaurd training. But we made the best of it, and celebrated with chicken skewers, quinoa salad, green beans with toasted pine nuts, fruit and cocnut cake! The kids are all getting older and playing so well together. Here they are after a rousing bout of chase:

Inger, Atalie, E, and N - yes his pants are on backwards....and he's only wearing one sock

And after everyone went home, and the kids had a nice bath E thought it was a good oppertunity to introduce her brother to Twister...hilarious! Thankfully I was nominated as "spinner person."


  1. Mmm, dinner menu sounds delish! Love seeing all those cousins together (and N's outfit is the best!) :)

  2. You and your dad are so cute! Love the backwards pants and LOVE the twister photos!!! Danika