Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Break - Day 2

We spent the morning in; we made french toast (check out the funky egg that came in our carton) & played on the floor. The cold and rainy afternoon was mostly spent trying to stay optimistic while circling a particular neighborhood of an unfamiliar city in the car for the better part of an hour and fighting off images of my lovely sister-in-law and her husband sprawled out on a Hawaiian beach somewhere sipping Mai Tai's. I can be a bit stubborn and extremely determined when it comes to tasks that could be considered a bit gender bending, like today with driving & directions. I had the frick-frackin' address, I was going to find the flip-flappin' place, D would do it, I will do it! Only after I stopped in the exact spot where our building should have been (an empty parking lot) did I succumb to calling and verifying the address; what had been given to me was wrong, like across-town-completely-different-address-wrong! Our plans today had included E participating in a kid's gardening class that afternoon at 2:30, but had missed that by a long shot. We tried to make ourselves feel better with a leisurely salmon meal at my sister's house, playing outside and then a nice warm bath with cousins. All was not lost, quite.

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  1. E's hair is getting so brown! Wonder if it will lighten up over the summer...