Thursday, March 4, 2010

Feelin' Good

You know that feeling you have when the house is quiet because your 5-year-old is at school, and your 9-month-old is napping? You know that feeling you get after taking a long walk and you just step into the garage and it starts raining; beating the weather by mere seconds? That feeling when you finish your cup of coffee and there's nothing in the sink because you did the dishes the night before, and there's no toast crumbs on the kitchen floor because you just got done vacuuming them up before you got into a long and undisturbed shower, with no one pestering you? You know that feeling you have when you peep out the window and your lawn looks great because you mowed it yesterday right before the yard waste truck rolled up and took away all the clippings? That feeling you have when you posted 2 adds on Craig's List for free piles of concrete or old wood that's been sitting in your backyard for years, and within 2 hours you have people lined up to come and get them, taking them far, far away from your life forever? That feeling you have when spring is so evident all around you that you just can't help but have great plans for your garden?

You know that feeling?

I have that feeling right now.


  1. ahhhhhh. . . . what a wonderful feeling it is too!

  2. oh very lovely- you are giving hope to those of us on the east coast patiently awaiting our spring to appear!

  3. That feeling sounds awesome. I would like to know it!