Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ready, Get Set, GARDEN!

I've had trouble figuring out a good spot for a vegetable garden at this house. We have a lot of extremely tall evergreens, and pine needles and shade don't make for a very fruitful pea patch. The one exceptional spot we do have I zealously planted my lavender starts a few years ago, they love their location, but tomato's, green beans and zucchini would have too...

Remember the pile of rotting wood planks that were piled up in our backyard? The pile that someone (bless them) took far, far away from my life forever? Bingo. I borrowed the rototiller from my dad, plotted out our spot, and held on for dear life. That little machine chews through hard ground that would take the patience of a saint to churn up by hand. Granted, it's not a walk in the park hanging on to that little digger, it jerks and skips around while you dig your heels in. And the little spot I'm trying out is in fairly close proximity to a huge ceder (with a huge ceder root system) so the soil is plagued with all sorts of obstacles, but I can almost taste the snap peas, so on we go!

I'll give regular updates on the progress of our home garden. I'm getting lots of inspiration from this site and of course using this as our handbook!