Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hell Yes, Helsing!

So a few months ago D and I decided to support our local organic farming community and become members of the CSA. I have long awaited our first box of locally grown veggies, flowers and fruits from Helsing Junction Farm! This afternoon after her swimming lesson E and I hopped in the car and headed to our designated pick-up site. After a couple wrong turns I finally located a shed off the side of the road, holding our box of fresh produce! Hooray! I eagerly unpacked our plunder at home finding 5 pints of strawberries (might have to do Tania's recipe), 1 bunch of red chard, a handful of arugula, 5 or so radishes, and a head of lettuce! Along with my box they offer a newsletter containing recipes, and updates on the crops, so, so, so exciting for me! Another plus is that my pick-up site sells fresh eggs too, amazing! We will be getting fresh produce every week, all summer long and into October. You make me sing, Helsing!

Find a participating CSA farm near you!

PS Anyone have a good recipe for radishes?


  1. wow! that is so cool, ann. everything looks so fresh and delicious! great idea.

  2. it's GOTTA be good if ann-krestene says HELL! (haha)
    keep us posted on how it goes ( we thought about it a few years back but declined mainly on account of the vegetables. all those vegetables we don't like or don't know how to eat.i know i know, pathetic!)
    share your recipes with us.
    i, too, would like to know what to do with radishes and chard and the like.

  3. i love eating raw radishes if i dip them in sea salt. nice and simple and summery..

  4. rachel, i just couldn't help myself the words are too similar...walkin' on the wild side!