Monday, June 25, 2007

Come on in, the water's fine!

(photo by Kristin)

I decided to start E in swimming lessons at our local outdoor pool this summer. She is doing better than I had anticipated. The class is a small, parent/tot and teacher assisted time basically designated to familiarize the kids with water, and increase their comfort levels. We splash, toss toys and practice kicking, reach and pull, and blowing bubbles. By the end of last week she was comfortable with me dunking her completely under water. And later we practiced using both her arms and legs to propel her with a floatie around her waist (without me!) I was so proud of her! She's going to be so prepared for our annual camping trip to The Lake in August! I love being in the water, and it's definitely rubbing off on her! She'll be swimmin' laps in no time!

Our instructor Casey, has become somewhat of a celebrity around here, E talks about her all the time. Today when we were leaving the locker room to head out to the side of the pool Casey was walking in. She stopped in her tracks, mouth agape, and whispered "Look Mama, it's, it's it's her!" Kind of like seeing a school teacher at the grocery store I suppose, E must think Casey sleeps in the pool...


  1. That is awesome she is taking to the water so quickly! She looks like she is the happiest kid on the planet in that pool.

  2. love the pictures! go ella! noah and ezra can't wait to swim with you!