Thursday, April 19, 2012


Thank you to all of those that have shown your support in my near catastrophic day Monday. After watching those seedlings under the cloche for the last few days I do believe everything will be fine. I lost a few, yes, but enough survived to have a really nice and plentiful garden. Jen came to help sort out the starts yesterday and to ease my mind; I will be able to eat from my garden earlier than I had feared on Monday.  You know you're kindred spirits when your friend comes to walk along side you and treat your seedlings with such loving care it makes you cry. My zucchini's did make it, and I'm now busily planting them out in my covered raised bed!

Also in other bandwidow garden news I was given another wonderful gift 2 weekends ago! My dad came over once again and skirted 2 more huge firs to give way for more sun, it's made a huge difference already. Thanks dad, you're the best!




  1. Your dad is amazing! Send him to MA!

  2. Ann, that garden is a labor of love and a real work of art! I would have hated it if we had to toss those new seedlings. Jason and I were just talking last night about how personal a garden is and how it reflects the person who planted it. I am really enjoying watching your garden develop.