Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Break Re-Charge; cold weather camping

1000th post!
on the drive
Tho we don't fall into the typical Spring Break needing family, we did decide to take advantage of the week off our parent-participation school offered and made a 2-night reservation at the Cape Disappointment State Park located at the furthest coastal SW tip of Washington. The weather didn't promise sunny warm breezes so a 13x13 pet-friendly rustic cabin seemed like a good idea. We all piled in the bunks (and floor) cooked outdoors on our stove, explored the beaches near by, roasted marshmallows, and hiked to both lighthouses that bookend the cove.

The exact opposite, in every way to Hawaii's version
Waikiki Beach
the boys by tide pools
drift wood
the gals
she just couldn't resist
playing it safe
hallow tree
Bunker on the way to a lighthouse
The Moll-Doll
Sooo happy to roast
hand grinding our morning coffee
a truck kite?


  1. Happy 1000th post!
    Thanks for being a blogging inspiration for so long.
    I have enjoyed checking in with you on a daily basis.
    And great shots of your time away.
    We have photos of us in that very same bunker (what a steep hill to get to that lighthouse...) We love that area.

  2. Lovely!! SO happy you had some family time away! (Complete with hand ground coffee- yum!) And, wow, 1000 posts- they make my day :)