Monday, April 16, 2012


At first I thought Molly or a raccoon got a little rambunctious out by the garden, then I was leaning toward maybe some stupid kids on their way to school walked through my yard with a mischievous mission...but then it struck me:

high winds + a small greenhouse (made of materials not unlike that of a winged box kite) = one heart sickening moment.

My future veggie garden cartwheeled across my yard at a surprising speed. 3 weeks of careful watering and monitoring heat levels inside were turned on their head. Delicate seedlings were littered all over my front lawn. The raccoon and hoodlums were subconscious wishful was all my fault. I had moved my little veggie hothouse this weekend to take advantage of the gorgeous sunbeams and left it out in the open. I salvaged what I could, but I'm not holding out much hope they'll survive their trauma. It's difficult to tell the difference between brussel sprout and broccoli seedlings in the maze of soil and shoots. The sunflowers and corn fared well, but my zucchini seeds were crazy expensive I didn't see any survivors. My hardy cucumbers and pumpkins had just poked through this week so they were still relatively packed in tight, but the spinach and romaine starts were like replanting wet toilet paper in soil.

To make myself feel better I planted all my sunflower survivors in the proper garden, got all my bush beans going and redid my brussel sprouts and broccoli this afternoon. I anchored my tiny classroom-style greenhouse to the fence, and fingers crossed I'll have better luck this time.

** Thank you for the grace you gave me family, and for letting me vent, Jennifer I was in a very bad place this morning and doing better now.


  1. Very frustrating!
    I'm sorry to hear of this happening to you.

  2. I'm heart-broken for you. I was beside myself when Ax dumped some of my potted plants over... I can't imagine loosing an entire garden. SOO sorry!

  3. Oh Ann! I am SO sorry that happened! Wish I was there to give you a hand. So glad Jen wad there for you. Big hugs!