Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I'm starting to see my mail order seed catalogues pile up!  I love this time of year, kind of feel like it's my late Christmas!  I've been scoping out the garden, trying to figure out where I can expand, making up lists of veggies our family will readily eat, and then adding a few exotic ones I wanna try.  I'm really crossing my fingers we have a more consistently warmer summer this year, I plan on spending our weeks outside.  I am also crossing my fingers to at the very least thin out 3 of our gi-normous fir trees (would really love to just get rid of them) to get at some of that heat and light down in the side yard.  I also bought a really mini portable greenhouse to get a jump start on, well, starts and am hoping to try my hand at building a cloche.

What type of gardening are you hoping to do this Spring and Summer?


  1. What I need is AK to fly to MA and help me kick start a garden ;)

  2. Good to hear you are getting ready! And I like the sound of all your plans. I look forward to your before & after photos. A coworker gave me a heated seed mat for this years starts, so I will be putting that to use. I gave a copy of The Maritime Northwest Garden Guide to my transit driver, so she and I have been comparing notes. Something about the anticipation of a good growing season is pleasant. I wish you the best!