Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Little Clowns

It's been really interesting to see N's social skills start to emerge.  I'll admit that with E I was way more proactive with getting her playdates and enrolling her in classes for tot's her age.  But with this guy, I find myself justifying hanging out with his sister as enough, for everyone.  Thankfully a lovely little arrangement fell right into my lap this summer; A family just down the street has a kindergartner and a little boy about N's age and they all get on famously.  Sawyer comes over a handful of times during the week while mom and dad work.  At first the boys would just play alone, once in a while checking on what the other was up to, but now their side by side play is melting into full force playing with a friend!  It's hilarious watching them feel out social boundaries, and their two-word sentences don't get too far communication wise.  So funny.  I'm glad he has a buddy, and we couldn't ask for a sweeter first friend.

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  1. Oh, how great! So are you watching him as a regular little part time job?