Thursday, January 20, 2011

Never Give Up!

From the very start of my infatuation with chickens, I knew I wanted Wyandottes. Their plump physical appearance, their feathering and general disposition (good mama's) made the variety a first pick. A few drawbacks are that they are notoriously late layers, and when they finally do lay some are so broody (wanting to raise a brood) they'll sit and sit on unfertilized eggs and in some cases die because those eggs will never hatch.
Both Azalea and Marigold have been layin' eggs like champions, but ol' Petunia hadn't even seemed interested. Until yesterday when I noticed she squatted down when one of the other birds approached...hmmmm. Then this morning she wasn't out in the run with the others, when I peeked in the hen house, there she was; sitting in the nesting box! Hurrah! It's a wonder to me that their instinct is so strong; they just know what to do.  Go Tunes!

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  1. That must be so exciting to witness. How many eggs do you get from them each week/month?