Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Poulsbo Plunder

We met up with Christy Ann, Gracie and Brian this afternoon at our old rental (her parent's property) out on the peninsula.  I wanted to get enough blackberries to make a batch of jam tomorrow, but we went home with much more!  It was great fun to hear the kids running around and N of course got another fruity piggyback in the sun.  It's always a bit strange to go back to the place we called home for 3 years, where we brought our darling girl home and into our lives: She swears she remembers (being 10 months old) living there.  I think she just remembers the video's she's watched over and over.  Either way being in that same place with her was kind of sacred in a way, and then watching N teeter around on those same floors in that same air was overwhelming and beautiful.  Christy Ann sent me home with bags full of veggies, and a beautiful school desk and Kindergarten curriculum for our upcoming first go at homeschooling.  It was a very pleasant visit, and dragging E and Gracie apart was difficult, so much so that we were literally the last car on the overcrowded return ferry home.


  1. Hey I eat blueberries the EXACT same way, but fortunately my wife brings wet naps to clean me up a bit. Cute post! W.C.C.

  2. Hooray! This is so lovely to hear about ... Happy to see you all at the farm and the gals hanging out together!! Sending love, D and baby Bru

  3. Wow- the farm! So many memories. Glad you got to go out there and that you even got a homeschool curriculum! Miss you.