Monday, August 16, 2010

Go Dog. Go!

N is so into cars, planes, trucks boats and trains!  His top favorite books to have read aloud are: Go Dog. Go! & Cars! Cars! Cars!  Not surprisingly comprised of the two winning elements (dogs and autos).  His top fave look-on-his-own books are: Planes & Trucks by Byron Barton and the stacks and stacks of lift-the-flap books he has.  But really the kid loves flipping through just about anything, he'll carefully skim through any of E's chapter books without tearing a page.

* Here's a fun version of Go Dog. Go! I found on YouTube!

* Here is a small example of what we would do ceaselessly while in his little floaty on the water on vacation...little motor boat.

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  1. We just got Cars! Cars! Cars! from the library, and Henry requests it every night. We like the random scenes in Go Dog, Go! too. Who would have thought of that whole interaction between the two dogs over liking a hat? It works great!