Sunday, August 15, 2010

Friend of a Friend of a Friend

 We had a fabulous day at our zoo this afternoon!  Kathleen, a new family friend was in town and her friend (who works at Woodland Park) took us around the zoo and even behind the scenes!  For such a hot day the animals were for the most part fairly lively.  And our experience in the giraffe house was out of this world!  Thanks so much Kathleen and Uncle John for introducing us!  Of course the only way I could follow up that amazing day was with a bowl of cucumber sorbet with hot fudge...heaven!


  1. L will pee her pants with excitement when she sees these pics! where did you get cuc sorbet??? yummers!

  2. Wow- look at El feeding that giraffe! So cool!

  3. It's a new seasonal flavor at Molly Moon's of course! I normally wouldn't go for such an interesting flavor choice, but c'mon you just gotta try these things before they disappear, and boy I was glad I did. So good.