Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I have to go through N's clothes every few weeks or so. If I fall behind he will have inevitably grown out of something he hasn't even worn yet. The kid is huge. He rival's at least 2 different 2-year-old's I know...he's in some 24-month old stuff, but pretty squarely in 12/18-month set. Yes, he's still just 7 wonderful months old. It's kinda thrown a monkey wrench into my neurotic 'buy seasonal clothes ahead of time plan.' E was always right where she should have been; if the label read 6-12 she could wear it until she turned a year, sometimes even after. But not this guy, somethings only cycle through the wash a few times before they're thrown in the too-small-pile and handed over to my sister and her immanent little guy. The scale read 23 pounds when I took him to the doctor's this week ...he's a little lug.

Anyhow, I do believe he looks fabulous in this hat, and I can't imagine his head getting too big for it before summer comes and goes. So hopefully, we'll get a few more pic's in this one, but who knows. I don't hold too tightly onto anything these days.


  1. How children love to mess with our perfectly laid plans--or clothes bought ahead of time! Love the hat!