Saturday, February 27, 2010

Good-Bye Nocturnal House

We made our final tour through our zoo's Night Exhibit today. After evaluating ways the zoo could save some money, closing it's Nocturnal House apparently made the most sense...

We said good-bye to the ant eaters, armadillos, sloth's, bats, loris', and others. It was unexpectedly somber for me; I'd made my way through that hall many times as a youngster, and countless times as a parent. It's sad.


The rest of our visit was very pleasant, we even witnessed a little cat fight between the tigers! N was able to see a few animals, and E of course was bouncing around from exhibit to exhibit relaying all the information she had about each animal to her dad. It was a nice family outing.


  1. No way! Closing the nocturnal exhibit?- we always loved that one...
    Looks like a nice family outing :)

  2. shoot! i had no idea! that is indeed very sad...
    do you know if they're getting rid of the animals, or just closing it for a season?