Friday, January 1, 2010

Ring In The 'Spew' Year...Again.

This is a tradition I could do without. E, again on the anniversary of last year's violent vomiting episode, was up throwing up for the better part of the wee hours this morning. And I of course was running the obstacle course between the washing machine, bathroom and her bedroom. After a few bites of toast for breakfast she spent most of the morning watching a movie and in a nice deep bath. Her appetite has yet to return, and seems content to just nurse her water bottle. Who knows if it was just all the excitement of a New Year party at a friends house in combination with the emotions of picking her dad up from the airport late last night, a stomach bug, or maybe something she ate? Either way, I believe the worst is behind us, and hopefully she'll be her old self just in time for school on Monday.

But today is a nap day; for everyone.


  1. oh, no!!! Poor El. Poor Mom! Hope she is on the mend and everyone can catch up on rest xo

  2. That's just nuts!
    Wonder if it's all the excitement from the holidays/food/late nights?

  3. What's really funny is we were joking about it as we got out of the car after we picked D up from the airport, and then a few hours later, there we were...