Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dare I Say Dairy-Free?

Well, it seems Our Newest Addition has some form of a dairy sensitivity...Upon introducing a few dairy items to N (yogurt & cottage cheese), the poor guy was plagued with frequent and, what we'll call interesting diapers. He also started recurrently waking up at night, and taking terrible naps. This, after we had all become accustom to the 11 hour nights he had afforded me for months! So I took all the dairy away 3 days ago and lo and behold, he's back to 1 regular b.m. diaper a day, and even better, back to sleeping soundly! I don't know if this'll be a rest-of-his-life-thing, but I am so relieved he's more comfortable and thank goodness we live in a day and age where soy is so available! We'll talk about this finding with his pediatrician at his 9-month appointment, and probably get him tested eventually. But for now we've got our game plan.


  1. Glad you figured out what was bugging him. Hopefully it is just a short term sensitivity.

    Happy Birthday to our dear Dave today!!


  2. Wow! You are so tuned in to that boy Ann. Hope things clear up for him.