Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The In's and Out's With Food

Well, I've started preparing and freezing baby food again. I was obsessed when we introduced foods to E. I did a lot of reading, I made my own rice cereal, and had bags and bags in the freezer full of cubes with every puree you can imagine. I love food and love cooking, and felt that I had to somehow impart this love to my daughter as early as possible. And here we are with N, and it's almost time to get his face dirty. Lately his gaze has been following every bite of food that makes it's way to my mouth, and he's been reaching for everything on the table. Today I made avocado and banana cubes, and tomorrow I'll do sweet potato. N got a kick out of watching me, and was so delighted to get a little sample of liquefied banana off my finger.

*The book I mention above was given to me when E was about 5 months (thank you so much Denise) and is fabulous! There is an easy chart to follow of which foods to introduce at which age, and also a very in depth look at most fruits and vegetables (when in season, best way to ripen/store, how to prepare and methods for freezing). I have highly recommend this book to everyone, and lent my copy out numerous times, check it out.


  1. So exciting!! Hazel loved the avo/banana was her favorite and she still loves avocado to this day.

    N looks so cute right now...that sweater vest...holy smokes!

  2. Isn't that vest darling? Tania sent that, I think she said it was Ezra's.

  3. Yes! It was Ezra's- it looks so cute on him :)

    I always admired the time and effort you took to make baby food- and El is still such a healthy eater! Have fun on this new adventure with Nils!

    I love that top picture of him. He is such a combination of you and Dave!

  4. I can't get over how big he is already!! What a super cutie!!! And,yes that book is such a good one to have around!

  5. He is just too cute!!! Looks so much like his dad.