Friday, November 13, 2009

Bed Time

We've been in the process of slowly accustoming N to sleep unswaddled. He's been sleeping with one arm out of his wrap, but wakes up constantly if we take it completely away. Today I stumbled upon these really fabulous sleep sack's down at a local shop. They're so soft and cozy for this colder weather, unzip like a sleeping bag along the sides and snap at the shoulders, and are pretty thick and weighted. The one I picked up is this puppy, and it'll supposedly fit him until 24 months! N's slept like a champ for his naps today and is doing great so far tonight! Fingers crossed.


  1. These are similar to the "Halo" sacks with the arms out that Oona used to like. Glad you found something that helps :)

  2. Ann, I received one of these handmade from Rachel's mom when I had Stella and LOVED it. I swear it helped her to sleep so soundly! She was always cozy...and grew to know that when that was put on and zipped was bedtime! Eli on the otherhand...hates covers...needs to flail, so that never worked! I think you'll love it!