Saturday, May 10, 2008

To Market We Go

Our yearning came to end with the opening of our small town farmers' market! You could feel the buzz in the air, I swear even the dogs were smiling. We quickly filled our bag with asparagus, pears, rhubarb, and one celery root. We're already looking forward to our visit next week.


  1. those flowers are beautiful what kind are they?

  2. your 10 on 10 photographs are truly amazing.

  3. i simply love your photos, ann-krestene. your 10 on 10 set is wonderful. i love the yellow striped sheets and the richness of color in the first photo, especially, and how you capture such fine details in your photography, generally speaking. beautiful and inspiring! thank you for sharing your day.

  4. oh, i miss the edmonds market. everything looks so lovely. hope you're having a nice weekend and happy mother's day!!

    love the 10 photos!

  5. Oh how I can't wait for our market to open. I grew up in Seattle, Kent actually. I am now on the east coast with my husband :)

    I miss everything Seattle has to offer at times though. I found your blog through 10 on 10. I just started joining in.

    You 10 on 10 pics were beautiful and I love the tulip field pics. I used to go to the festival every year :)