Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Week(end)

Discovering those simple reminders that we, along with nature are moving toward summer!

berries are plumping

ferns unfurling

new things can be fun (2 wheel's!)

curling up on the couch is cozier with two

sun on our toes feels so good

working the soil is important

ballet is, what you want it to be

life's too short to not be silly!


  1. oh, i just love seeing what you are up to! 2 wheels, ella?!! wow! are those blackberries in the first shot? noah was just mentioning how we used to just be able to go out along the road to pick them. we don't have any around here. you guys look great xo

  2. no too sure which type of berry that is, it caught my eye at the zoo. she's not all the way there on 2 wheels but very close!