Tuesday, January 1, 2008


The weight of our iron star long ago caused the top of our un-watered tree to bend. Christmas is over. Cobwebs and dust were collecting on it's trinkets and bobbles. Christmas is over. The lights were wound, and ornaments boxed. Christmas is over. The needles were sprinkled all over the house, their pine scent gone. Christmas is over. The rooms seem a bit sparse, all the furniture in it's proper place. Christmas is over.


  1. I hate taking down xmas decorations, it's so depressing. I even think about that when I'm decorating, about how sad it will be when we take them down.

  2. no easy task in your house...have you attempted the outside yet? ugh.
    see you later today.

  3. we did that a few days ago. i felt like i put decoration up so early, that i was ready to take them down and move the furniture back.

    sorry i missed your call today. i was coming out of a meeting. i start tomorrow (just 2 gym classes), then full day on friday. should be interesting!