Monday, January 14, 2008

Little Brown Hat

(1yr, 10/02/05)

Lately when I look at E, I've been having flashbacks into her earlier years. It hasn't been hard to remember her lilts and sounds, or that laughing mouth without teeth. It's those eyes, they don't change and it brings everything back.

(3yrs, 12/29/07)

*Joy Voith knit this hat for her before she was born, it's gonna be a sad day when it no longer fits.


  1. oh, ann, i know. i do the same with the boys. it makes my heart ache and feel proud all at the same time. they grow so fast... others would tell us this would happen... and you really don't get that it is so true until you become a parent yourself.

    miss you guys xo

  2. so so sad when they outgrow precious so sad when it goes by too fast!