Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Back to the Basics

The Christmas Season is a welcomed change to our otherwise monotonous schedule. But now that the house is freshly vacuumed from top to bottom, the leftover holiday turkey and treats unceremoniously tossed in the trash, and our out-of-town guests back on airplanes it feels like a good time to start a fresh (it is New Year's after all).

I set up a book corner for E today; complete with her comfy chair (thanks Patty), a reading light, basket of books that I intend to rotate frequently, her new oh-so soft 'Linus' blanket (thanks Molly), her new Leap Pad, and a plant (thanks Tania). She already loves reading with us, and now that her letter recognition is really taking off, I'm hoping that this quiet place will afford her the time and space for her already blooming love of books.


  1. love the idea and the picture! makes me want to curl up and read a good book myself :)!

    i recently set up a "cozy corner" with some pillows and lamb-y blanket in the boy's room. i think the kids like having a peaceful place of their own.

    have fun with the sleep over tonight. noah and ezra have been looking at all the blog pictures and really missing everyone! me too! xo

  2. Lolly has a book corner too! It has her cozy chair and a basket of books I rotate. I'll peek in on her and she'll be sitting there "reading," she'll do it for a long time! She's like me that way, kinda neat..

  3. i love that corner. i nead a reading nook everywhere i live...

  4. goodness ann, how sweet is that photo of ella! she looks so cozy with her book!