Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Wait, WHAT?

This is a phrase that is in constant circulation at my house. I'm actually not positively sure where it originated, somewhere between Ben Gibbard and John Krasinski, I think. At any rate D is pleased as punch that E now seeks out opportunities to exclaim it.

All this said, it hit 70 today. Wait, WHAT? It was unusually warm, sunny, and strikingly beautiful. I don't know if we're benefiting from the catastrophic weather patterns that are rocking Southern California right now, but I am soooo into the warm breezes, rolling with the windows down, no coats, scarves, and best of all no boots and umbrellas!


  1. cute! looks like we are heading out of the high 70's now, into more seasonable 60's this week. it has been very strange to wear flip flops in october!

  2. All your pictures are just amazing. They made me want to go to Portland again, I love it there in the fall! Member when we saw you guys on 23rd street around Thanksgiving about 3 years ago? I remember you had baby Ella in the stroller! xo

  3. that's funny you remember that, i thought about that very instant when we were on 23rd last week...it also occurred to me that was right before we put 2-month-old el back in the car, arrived home to find that she hadn't been buckled in! yikes!

  4. oh wow! that is nice! it was 100 here today ugh! what is up with that?

    It was so weird to go from bundling up in jackets and sweaters when we were there to this crazy heat that we are experiencing now. I miss Seattle.

    I hope next time we are up there that we can see you guys. It was SO busy with the wedding and all. Next time though huh?