Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Our Constant Companion

When we decided to adopt Molly I really didn't know what to expect. Yes, we spent a few days with her beforehand, and we knew she was even tempered and well mannered. But what I didn't expect was just how loyal and constant she is. She likes being with us. She quietly guards the doors of my sleeping children. She pads along behind me as I travel around the house. She let's N crawl on her back and when she's done with that game she slowly gets up and moves to another spot on the floor. From our deck she patiently monitors the goings on below. She can predict when we're about to leave, and waits to be invited. She greets us with an enthusiastic wag when we return, never barking or jumping. She has never chased or bothered our hens, yet enjoys galloping after the pesky crows who land in our yard. She likes being with us, even if it means napping at our feet. We have grown to love this gal.

1 comment:

  1. Now that's the definition of a sweet family dog! Lucky family, lucky dog :)