Monday, May 30, 2011

Santa Barbara Weekend

I traveled this weekend. Wait. Read that again.



Yes, me. Me, who has never left my near 2-year-old son over night. Me, who has only ever spent one night at a time away from E. I know, stop the presses! I hopped on a plane for sunnier skies to celebrate my cousin's long awaited wedding in Santa Barbara, CA. Things did not fall apart at the seams, my children did not die from sadness, and most of all I didn't either. I spent 2 nights away and came home aching for my babies and husband but really did enjoy myself. I ate amazing food, my sister and I reveled in sleeping all night long, walking in the warm sand on the beach, we had a royal ball with my cousins at the wedding it was an 'eat, drink and be merry' occasion (with a little dancing and photo booth fun too). I also busied myself with a little game for E; I snatched one of her little robotic hamster guys and took pictures of him on my adventure. It helped keep them close. Here's what transpired. plus a few of me too.

The Adventures of Dexter
Dexter hid away in my knitting bag
Exploring the Airport
Made it!
Seat Belt Didn't Quite Fit
Window Seat
In N' Out!
Blowing His Straw Paper at E
Enjoying the View From Our Room
Lifeguard on Duty
Fig Tree Planted in 1876
Moby Dick
Fish N' Chips on the Wharf
Pink Berry
Front Row Seats
Hello Zuma Beach!


My Sister and Me

A Little Wind Blown, HAHAHA!



Mom & Girls



  1. this is so great, ann! i'm so happy you got time sleep! :) i'm going away by myself this weekend with some plan school next year! what a nerd! but it will be breakfast cooked by someone else...a farm...sleep...friends. can't wait! glad you got to celebrate w/ your family! oh, and LOVE the hamster shots!

  2. dexter the lifeguard cracked me up! love it.

    these are so great. im glad you got to have a little vacation. i think danika would like something like this right about now.