Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tree Time

We wanted to wait to get our tree as a complete family. D left for a handful of days, so on our way home from the airport we stopped by our regular tree-pickin' spot. Of course we all have our ideas of which one is the perfect tree; E wanted one that was easily taller than our ceilings, N was drawn to the flocked variety, but in the end D and I settled on a short and sweet Nobel.


  1. hooray! i can smell it just by looking at the pics!

  2. Yay, lovely! Oona and I decided not to brave the cold and sent the boys out with Tim to get our tree.

  3. Ahh I've always loved your Christmas sensibilities. You make your home sooo cozy and Christmasy. Last year we decided to get a fake tree to save the hassle and also maybe some money over the years, and Judah is not happy about that, he's such a purist. I actually agree with him, that fake trees are kind of wrong, but my sanity demanded it. Anyway, we compromised with him and got a green fake tree instead of the white one I really wanted - he's such a traditionalist already! :)