Friday, December 10, 2010

Elmo with Ricky

N enthusiastically asks for an Elmo video at least 10 times a day.  He has a handful of Elmo books, and a few weeks ago August introduced him to the glorious 'Elmo on Demand' aka Elmo videos on my phone from YouTube.  I hadn't given in to his request to watch snippets on my phone until today when we were stuck in some pretty nasty evening traffic traveling home from his doctor appointment; he's sick with fever, ear aches, and was hungry and grumpy.  So after sitting in a dead stop and staring at blinding brake lights forever I quickly pulled one up and handed him back my phone... it ends about 3 minutes later and he immediately of course asks for more so I hit the next one on the roster and all the sudden I hear a familiar British accent asking if Elmo wants a lullaby because he's having trouble sleeping.  I was in the front seat in hysterics.  I can't see it, mind you, just listening and picturing it.

So I get home, give him dinner, put him to bed, call D and E over to watch it with me and we were just rolling.  There's also this Ricky Gervais/Elmo interview as well that is just great.

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  1. ha! we always sing, "set your piggy's free" to L when we take her pig tails out at night. :)