Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Early Jack-O-Lantern

E lost her very first tooth this morning (lower right central), it just fell right outa her head when I was brushing her hair in the bathroom.  Her front bottom two teeth have been wobbling around in her gums for the last few months, and her adult teeth have started poking through behind them.  It's a relief and a celebration and just in time for her Kindergarten pictures later today!

* You'll notice the very large gap on either side of her remaining bottom tooth, she's had so much space between them that when they became wiggly they sort of pushed together in the front.


  1. yay! those first lost teeth are so momentous! did she get a visit from the tooth fairy?

    (side note on the teeth coming in behind: you may know this already, but if not-- just in case you were wondering when the heck they are gonna come out, you may need a trip to the dentist. we had this with francis-- he called them his shark teeth (two rows)-- and he had to have his teeth pulled. the sooner the better so they don't start growing and setting in too far back. the dentist told us that when the adult tooth breaks the skin, the baby one should be out by then for it to grow in the right spot. if it has broken behind, then it is not in the spot to push the baby one out. if the baby one is loose, all the better, an easy pull. francis had to have this done mult. times, sadly. i hope it's not the case for E!) good luck! :)