Thursday, June 17, 2010

Vashon Island

My dad's sister lives a 20 minute ferry ride away on Vashon Island. It's beautiful, and it didn't rain yesterday! We piled all the cousins onto the boat and headed over for a fun filled visit. I'm talkin' filled! We ascended on their beautiful property just after lunch like a swarm of ants, and didn't leave them in peace until 7pm. Thank you so much Aunt Olivia and Uncle John, what a totally fun field trip!

I know mom would have loved a picture with all her grand babies together, but we were lucky to just know where all 6 were simultaneously...we joked about getting t-shirts made up with large numbers printed on them for a quick count-off.

Ferry Ride
Feeding 'Slick'
Gus, their new lab puppy
His favorite toy
Atalie was a little sad yesterday
Hot tub
Aunt Olivia introducing Slick
The 'other' puppy
teeter totter
Dinner bell

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