Friday, June 13, 2008

Tot Garden Art

Although our weather doesn't show it, we've been gearing up for summery breezes for quite some time. This week I enrolled E into a tot garden art class for 3 to 5-year-old's, at a nearby community center. She had a great time each morning for 45 minutes creating something for our yard. Pottery flower pots and bird feeders, and a few colorful garden stakes that they were permitted to assemble with nails and hammers (oh the thrill!). She recently came down with a bout of the croup again so she had to stay home for the last 2 days, but is eagerly awaiting next session!


  1. what treasures! i just love em!

    ps ann, i could totally see you teaching some of those classes at the center!

  2. since I finally have a chance to comment, I wanted you to know that I love your photos, especially for 10 on're always so creative!

  3. lovely garden creations to ellanor! we have also had a croupy experience this week--it's the sleep time that's the most difficult. hopefully we're moving away from it now. hope you're all well!