Friday, August 3, 2007

Street of Dreams

This was a real experience. My mom and I went this year, and these homes are beautiful. All a scant under 2 million, and nothing overlooked. I liked different things about each of the 5 environmentally friendly homes; private balconies, outdoor/indoor water gardens, outdoor living areas, home theatres, saltwater fish tanks, built-in espresso machines in those gourmet kitchens, reclaimed hardwood floors, vaulted ceilings, cozy office/work spaces, recycled paper counter tops. The list could go on. Really nothing was all that surprising; really nice homes, with lots and lots of rooms filled with lots of nice furniture. But the one thing that caught me off guard was the toilet in the very last house we toured. Automatic. Well, as far as I could tell (they don't let you test out these things). Upon entering the partitioned area of the bathroom for the toilet, the lid immediately comes to attention beckoning you to sit. Once your business is through, there were so many options to finish your experience I just took a picture of the flushing pad so you can let your imagination go wild (click on photo to enlarge):

And here's a video I found from the case you're interested.

I balk at the ridiculous amount of money people spend on these things, but truly, this just might be the answer to all of the sensitive pipe issues we manage to have at our house.


  1. i have no words for that video clip!

  2. i've never felt so clean....oh my...that is too much. but, i mean, wouldn't YOU want to try it???