Friday, March 9, 2007

Morning with Gram

Right after I was married I started a full-time nanny position, which I held for 1 year. In that time my mom and I started a small tradition: Friday Morning Walks. However, between the insane hours, lack of medical benefits and adult interaction I returned to by previous vocation as a preschool teacher. But with the stipulation that I had Friday's off. This was not necessarily due to any tribute to our sacred time together, but it worked out nicely and we repeatedly used Friday's as a time to catch-up. Well, now the tables have turned I now stay at home with E, and my mom has returned to work, save for Friday's. So the tradition continues. The weather usually dictates the location, but not always, we have returned from outings drenched in the frequent Northwest downpours. Here are a few shots from this cool and breezy morning at the beach :

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