Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Back at It

E started her new semester's worth of classes this week. We'll be continuing on with Math and Language Arts here at home, and our co-op classes with Kaela (World Geography, Art Appreciation, Ocean Studies and World History) and adding Engineering, Reader's Theatre, Creative Writing & Art, Movement & Games, and a new Spanish co-op at our resource center. It's a load, but exciting!

In addition to our new classes, our school is now offering an indoor play space that rivals anything I've ever seen. It's cooperative play, build-your-own playground. N and I have been in there each day this week and each time I go in there it's different; big kids helping the smaller ones, kids using their imaginations in impressive ways. It's amazing.


  1. AK, I admire you so much for taking on the huge task of homeschooling. It seems way more fun and challenging (in a good way!) than all the worksheets I did in elementary school. I'm really impressed and proud of you all! Very inspiring! Love, Danika

  2. So wonderful! So happy you have found such a great balance and a fantastic resource center!