Friday, September 16, 2011

Pie Snob

I can't just eat any pie.

But the thing is, that I love pie (specifically blackberry, followed by apple, and then cherry, there are a few chocolate creme pies that are good). My criteria for what makes a good pie lies in the crust. Pie of course is meant to be sweet; the filling and the crust. It could be the world's most beautifully browned and flaky crust, but if there's any trace of saltiness I leave it on my plate. Just cannot do it. When D and I were dating we'd drive all over the city looking for a slice of warm blackberry pie, but the right kind. I think it was Barringer Farms that did a decent job of a warmed mini pie in a paper bag for a while and sold them at the swanky UVillage QFC, but that was short lived.

My mom's mom had it completely and utterly right, I can't explain it, but there's nary a trace of salt (even though there's just a pinch). But it's not flavorless, either.

It's a really uncomforatable place to live though, being very skeptical about how pie should taste but not being brave enough to just break out and make my own. In the past I've put in orders from my mom...a present of apple pie makes the perfect birthday.

Well, today was the day. I had to take hold of this obsession. I picked 4 1/2 c. of blackberries with the kids on Tuesday and they needed to find their way under a pie crust. I called my mom and said I was ready to learn. Break out the flour, I was coming over!

The recipe is crazy easy, my mom patiently walked me though a few little secrets and it was done, I had made my first double crust pie!

It is delicious...all of it.


  1. yum! isn't it so rewarding making your own pie? we too, had our first home-made blackberry pie (of many many years) after impromptu picking at gasworks. nothing beats home-made! (although, mine was a bit tart, as i had 8 cups of berries and didn't add enough sugar. but we just sprinkled sugar right on the pie.)

  2. What I want to know is, did your pie crust live up to your expectations???