Friday, August 5, 2011

Chicken Prison

I've mentioned before that the gals just haven't been getting along. They're catty yes, but I think I was trying to make them all live in a smaller space than they deserved. Our original coop was built with the idea that we'd only ever have 3 chickens, and since then we've added 3 more birds, and a little more room...but in retrospect not enough. I was frequently jolted awake by squawking in the early hours of the morning to free them. I have even considered giving one or two of the trouble makers away to make my life easier, but then we wouldn't be getting 1/2 a dozen eggs a day, and I've gotten used to that. Thankfully D easily saw my predicament and took an entire day off, rented some equipment, bought the necessary supplies in order to build what he now affectionately calls "Chicken Prison." I love him for this new addition. Its walls are high enough (over 7 feet) so that those nit-whits cannot fly over, and the fence itself is not ugly, I think it looks a little like a zoo exhibit, myself. I love going out and collecting eggs and feeding them now, they're even letting me sleep in!

N watched his dad from the play structure
the gals were freaked by the noise
large post holes next to old fence
the digger
posts in
cross beams on
door together
Ivy hiding
adding the chicken wire
the inmates
finished product

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