Sunday, March 13, 2011

8 Pairs of Underwear

Last week things got a little heated between E and myself, and at the end of the argument she was asked to go to her room. I retreated to the kitchen to resume supper preparations and the next thing I knew she had her backpack on and was solemnly explaining her plans for running away. I told her that it was dinnertime, and I think she should stay. She easily obliged and all was forgotten over the course of the meal.

This evening while I was tidying the kids' room while they were in the bath I found her backpack still full with the items she planned on taking with her. They are as follows:

8 pairs of underwear
6 undershirts
1 light weight warm-up suit (matching jacket and pants)
Her Leapster with a Star Wars math game
1 lavender fluffy bathrobe
1 old toothbrush
1 nearly empty tube of toothpaste
1 nearly empty bottle of children's anti-cavity rinse
dental floss
1 pair of Hello Kitty sunglasses
1 heart necklace charm
Her Library Card

Her little antics brought me back to when I was her age, didn't we all fantasise about doing things like this? I don't think I ever actually packed a bag, but I'm sure mine would have been full of coloring books and stuffed animals, nothing like; a toothbrush, or even 1 pair or underwear.


  1. That is amazing! I really like that. Make sure to put a ferry pass in her back pack, and we will pick her up on this side!

  2. I love it. She obviously had thought very hard about what she would need. She even remembered her toothpaste and toothbrush!

  3. when this happens again (b/c lets face it she's a girl and we're drama) call me and auntie can happen to be driving by... sweet thing! miss you guys!

  4. one things for sure, she takes her oral hygiene very seriously! the library card is my favorite though... that's the first thing i would pack if i were running away. -ben