Saturday, February 19, 2011

Welcome Home!

I simply could not resist putting the new girls into our dollhouse this morning. It's probably because E and I just finished reading the greatest book, but we set up their brooder in our living room when we brought them home yesterday, and the dollhouse was just sitting there aching to be explored this morning. I may try and pop them in there in a week or so to gauge how much they're growing. Our most prominently featured gal has been prematurely named Clover as she is decidedly E's favorite (clearly the prettiest) and the name is leading in the polls by quite a substantial margin. The yellower of the two others is a Buff Orpington and has affectionately been named Daisy to go with our flora names. N has taken quite a fancy to her, so that leaves the white fuzzy unnamed sweetie all to myself!


  1. Oh man, those are great pics! Glad they are at home. Is there some introduction phase that takes place between the freshmen and the seniors?
    Oh, and that book looks interesting to me. Have not heard of that one.

  2. That is too cute- I can't stand it! Congratulations on the adorable new chicks- what fun!

  3. ANN! They are so sweet! What a great idea, OMG! I've been wondering about them all weekend! I think you'll love the Auracanas. We do!